We provide legal assistance to people who are unable to afford legal representation and access to the court system.
If you think you have a personal injury claim call or click the link below. We can match your unique case with the right top rated personal injury attorney suited to help you recover the most possible.

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Why Do You Need An Attorney?

A personal injury claim is related to the pursuit of compensatory damages caused by another's actions that resulted in physical, emotional or mental harm. The most common personal injury claims are related to accidents involving motor vehicles.

Why Should I Call?

Damages paid in a personal injury claim can be for damages to personal property, incurred medical expenses, lost wages and non economic damages such as pain and suffering.
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Is It Complicated?

Not all personal injury claims require a lawsuit to be filed though some do. Even when a lawsuit is filed, most claims are settled before ever going to court.

How Much Is My Claim Worth.

Personal Injury Claims range from thousands to millions. The amount of compensation may vary based on a number of things. Factors that are considered when determining the award can be the following.

  • The amount of property damage
  • The severity of your injuries and costs to treat (is your injury just soreness, or will this be a long term impairment)
  • Was the other party completely at fault for the accident
  • Were there multiple cars involved
  • Did you miss any days of work
  • The insurance policies in force
  • The personal assets of the other party
  • Whether you file a lawsuit,
  • Your negotiation skills and more.
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    What Should I Do.

    First, if you are injured or feeling pain, you should get checked out by a doctor. Many injuries from a car accident manifest days after the collision. If you try to tough it out and not seek medical attention, your claim may be weak.
    Before you talk to the other side's insurance you need to know your rights. Get a free case evaluation to find out how strong your case is and how much you should demand.
    f you think you have a personal injury Click here We can match your unique case with the right top rated personal injury attorney suited to help you recover the most possible.
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